Current Investments

Pet desk is software for healthier pets, connecting pet parents and care providers.

Allbound is a sales acceleration platform for channel partners.

CallRail is call analytics software for data driven organizations.

Is a comprehensive CRM and lead generation platform for residential real-estate teams

Picmonic is the world’s only research proven audiovisual mnemonic study aid

Realized Investments

A marketing automation platform for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

Omnilink is a wearable technology company used by probation, parole, and correction facilities.

A cloud based EHR for the physical therapy market.

A company specializing in the selling of buisness VOIP systems. Acquired by Vonage.

A time and attendance software platform. Acquired by Paychex.

A marketplace for limo’s and private cars.

Hat Club is a chain of retail stores along with an online store that sells premier headwear.

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