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Iris is the only tool that helps PR professionals strengthen individual media and client relationships by organizing, simplifying, and measuring important tasks. Until now, spreadsheets have been the go-to solution for tracking activities and results. Any talk of PR metrics is enough to make even the most sophisticated PR pro anxious, and dreading the effort it’ll take to prove value. Now with Iris, you have all of your activity, relationships and results in one smart place. Prove and maximize your value like never before.

Content databases, newswire services, and media monitoring can be helpful, but if you’re a seasoned PR professional, you’re looking for more: a better PR software designed specifically for how you work every day so you can get more high-quality work done in less time.

Enter Iris: the only comprehensive PR tool that helps agency and in-house teams of all sizes consolidate, manage, share, and track their most important data. With Iris at your fingertips, you have a single system to help build lasting, one-on-one relationships with the stakeholders you care most about: media, clients and influencers. Now you have the visibility you need to track and measure success every step of the way. Now you see.

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